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This is the icon journal for cant_pretend. All posts are public, but you MUST read all of the rules, because if you don't, and you end up breaking some, it will be a sad day. This community is for me to express my heart's desire for graphic design, and I do it for me alone. You are more than welcome to browse around as I will have many things for you soon, once I actually get some content up. Enjoy!


++ Don't worry about asking whether you care if you friend me. Go right ahead!
++ No requests are allowed. If you post them, they will be ignored and possibly deleted.
++ Do not hotlink icons or direct link. If you do not know how to upload, then check out the LJ FAQ.
++ If you are caught hotlinking or direct linking, you will be banned and reported to LJ Abuse.
++ No drama. That is for your journal, not mine. Thanks in advance.
++ I have the right to remove your journal at any time if there is a problem that arises.
++ Comment on an entry if you are taking something, and credit either ambiently or cant_pretend in the keywords. Please, do this.
++ No editing of my icons unless I say otherwise. Textless icons are not bases.


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If you want to be an affiliate, please add ambiently to your Affiliates list, then, comment on one of my entries, and I will add you back ASAP!

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